The Blended Workforce in Today’s Business Environment

June 7, 2017  

The business world is more competitive than ever, with increasing pressure to produce results while keeping costs down. The best businesses tend to be marked by their flexibility. Today’s businesses don’t necessarily feel beholden to the models of the past. In the modern workplace, whatever gets the job done most efficiently is the way to […]

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Working with Payroll for Non-Profits

April 18, 2017  

If you run a non-profit or are considering running one, you may wonder, “how does a non-profit pay its employees?” After all, non-profits are subject to different rules than for-profit organizations, so naturally, payroll for nonprofits should work differently. So how do non-profits pay employees? Here’s some useful information about payroll for non-profits and charitable […]

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Guide to Classifying Business Expenses

March 9, 2017  

When you’re a business owner, keeping track of all your business expenses can be complicated. You want to classify your business expenses correctly, so you can take advantage of any deductions for small-business owners and avoid basic accounting problems so audit risk is minimized. Here are some tips for classifying business expenses to help you […]

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Tips for Prepping for Tax Season

February 17, 2017  

If you’re a small-business owner, tax season can be a stressful time. You’ve got a lot to keep track of and it’s critically important that you don’t make any mistakes. Here are a few tax season tips that can make this time a little easier for your small business. Get A Quote Today! Start Your […]

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6 Guidelines for Paying Employees During Inclement Weather

January 31, 2017  

With winter in full swing across the country, many owners and managers want to know if they are legally required to pay an employee when their business closes due to inclement weather. To begin with, employers should address two questions with their inclement weather policy: How will we notify our employees if the company’s doors […]

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How to Create a Time-Off Policy for Your Business

November 29, 2016  

Running a small business, while it has numerous perks, can be exhausting. From managing employees to balancing expenses, the daily life of a small business owner is busy to say the least. On top of all this, managers must also handle payroll for employees, and set time-off policies. Today, 98 percent of American businesses offered […]

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Should Your Business Outsource Its Payroll Processing?

August 24, 2016  

The Many Reasons to Outsource Payroll Services The National Small Business Association’s tax survey found that 40 percent of American small businesses spent 80 hours or more per year just dealing with federal taxes, and most of these taxes are related to payroll. When asked to rate the most pressing burdens on their business, 53 […]

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PA Department of Revenue issues a Business Alert Scam

April 22, 2016  

March 14, 2016 – BUSINESS COMPLIANCE DIVISION/NOTICE OF POTENTIAL COMPLIANCE VIOLATION SCAM The Pennsylvania Department of State has been made aware of more post card solicitations that are being mailed to Pennsylvania businesses from a bogus company calling itself “Business Compliance Division.” The post card urges the company to “call immediately” to “avoid potential fees […]

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FLSA Exempt Employee Minimum Salary Changes: Doing the Math

April 14, 2016  

Batten Down the Hatches! As you have probably heard, the Department of Labor is planning to dramatically raise the minimum salary requirement for employees to qualify as exempt under the “White Collar Exemptions.” It’s possible this new minimum will be as high as $50,440, which could impact nearly five million employees. The threshold could certainly […]

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Onboarding Service ‘Flight’ offers new hire efficiency

March 25, 2016  

Tired of tracking down new employees to complete their new hire documents?  Looking for an efficient way to connect with your new employees?   BCM Payroll Services is excited to announce our new employee onboarding service, FLIGHT. With FLIGHT, you, the employer, are able to customize new hire documents for your company and more specifically, […]

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