The Region’s Premier Payroll Service Provider

With BCM Payroll Services, Inc., you get the best of both worlds: a premier payroll services company small enough to give you specialized attention, yet large enough to offer industry-leading services that fully support your payroll needs. Together, they add up to a comprehensive payroll solution providing you piece of mind so you can get back to business.

When you choose to work with BCM Payroll Services, Inc., you have a leading payroll company in South Central, PA, supporting your company. You can spend less time worrying about payroll, and more time focusing on what you do best: expanding your business and increasing your bottom line.

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Customized Payroll In South Central, Pennsylvania, and Western Maryland

Choose the level of service you want from our comprehensive list. Whether you need year-end reconciliations and payroll tax deposits, or a total payroll solution that includes new-hire and retirement plan reporting, we have you covered.

With BCM Payroll Services, Inc., you can:

  • Choose the payroll services you need without paying for ones you don’t — There may be some aspects of your payroll you want to continue doing in-house. As your payroll partner, we can take the other payroll processes off your plate.
  • Easily add on services or remove them from your customized plan — As your business evolves, your payroll needs will change. With BCM Payroll Services, Inc., you can adjust your payroll services plan to support new hires, garnishments and more.
  • Cancel your services anytime — There’s no contract tying you to our services. Cancel anytime without incurring any fees.


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Local, State, And Federal Tax Service

When you partner with BCM Payroll Services, Inc., you can rest assured knowing we’ll meet all of your local, state, and federal taxes on your behalf. From payroll tax deposits to year-end reconciliations, we take care of it all. With BCM Payroll Services, you can:

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your tax obligations are met — As long as you provide us with the information we need, we guarantee we’ll make your local, state, and federal tax payments on time and accurately. In the unlikely event we don’t, we’ll pay the penalties.
  • Get a comprehensive tax payroll solution — From year-end reconciliations and quarterly payroll tax returns, to completing W-2s and 1099s, your customized payroll services plan can include it all.   
  • Save staff time and focus resources on more important tasks — Some payroll tax processes can be time-consuming, such as year-end reconciliations. When you partner with BCM Payroll Services, Inc., we can take care of these so you can better allocate your staff resources.

In The Cloud Or On Land: You Decide

Our secure, web-based payroll services offer advantages for your employees and managers. There is no software to install — all you need is an Internet connection. With BCM Payroll Services’ cloud-based system, you can:

  • Customize your services — Just as with our land-based version, you can customize our web-based payroll services to match your business’s needs. You can decide how much or how little of the payroll process you want to remain in-house.
  • Complete all payroll tasks anytime from wherever you are — As long as you have an Internet connection, you can complete all of your payroll tasks, including processing your payroll, viewing payroll register, and more.
  • Give your employees easy, 24/7 access to the information they need — Whether they want to view their paystub or print their W-2s, they can do it all online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get started today with the premier payroll provider in South Central, Pennsylvania, and Western Maryland, where our goal is to guarantee you piece of mind so you can get back to business!