In the past, companies could only process payroll and other business systems on paper. Today, some enterprises hang on to these older systems even with new options available. If you are still doing things the same way in your organization, perhaps it is time to ask why.

Moving business processes such as payroll to the cloud have many benefits:

  • Greater security: One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based services is enhanced security. Secure servers can be accessed by a much smaller number of people than a paper file, which can mean the business information is safer. You can also use passwords and encryption for extra layers of safety and to ensure only authorized workers can access specific information. With paper, you do not have that level of control over who can access information or documents. If there is an unauthorized access, virtual services ensure you can trace the digital trail to catch the perpetrator.
  • Lower costs: Business cloud processes mean fewer administrative tasks need to be handled and some can be automated, reducing the number of hours you need to spend on payroll and other systems. You can run a leaner operation with business services in the cloud, which saves you on salaries and benefits.
  • Adaptable services: No company stays the same. As you grow, will your current system grow with you? If you have a paper-based or traditional process system at your enterprise, growth can mean having to hire more people or having to overhaul the entire system. Cloud-based services are scalable, meaning it is easy to add more storage or new services and features as your company succeeds.
  • The ability to carry on, no matter what: If anything happens to your office headquarters, cloud-based data and services stay safe. If everything is digitized, payroll and other systems may not even be affected by natural disasters, fires or other big business challenges.
  • Less tech and IT expertise needed: Cloud service providers handle many of the specific tech tasks needed for setting up and managing services in the cloud. You may not even need an IT department, tech person or tech knowledge yourself, since many of these services are specifically made to be intuitive and easy to use.
  • Better efficiency: Business applications in the cloud make your processes simpler. Features such as automatic reminders keep you on track while automation can save you time and can even reduce human error by ensuring not every task has to be completed manually. With self-service employee features, small business cloud services can even reduce the amount of time and resources your company needs to spend answering simple and routine questions.
  • Portability and mobility: One of the big cloud benefits for businesses is portability. When business processes are in the cloud, they can be accessed securely from a variety of devices and from any location. Even when you are traveling or when key decision-makers are working remotely, business processes can run smoothly.

The Sky’s The Limit

If you’re ready to make the leap to “cloud” or web based payroll services, contact BCM Payroll Services Inc. We offer customized payroll and business services in South Central, Pennsylvania and Western Maryland, positioning your business to succeed. We work with a variety of companies, so we can tailor our services to your industry and your specific needs.