The “Cloud”

Web-Based Employee Self Service Payroll

Convenience is very important to both large and small businesses as well as consumers. People want to do everything from buying groceries, to processing their payroll online. To adapt to this technological environment, BCM Payroll Services is proud to offer our web-based payroll service, also known as ‘The Cloud’. It offers benefits to both employees and managers, making payroll completely accessible anywhere, anytime, there is an Internet connection. See why more businesses are choosing BCM Payroll Services for their web-based payroll services!

Learn about the benefits of our web-based payroll services below.

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Platinum Pay

This powerful, web-based product puts payroll at your fingertips. There is no software to install on your end. Anywhere you have access to the web, you have access to Platinum Pay. You have the power to handle as much or as little of the payroll process as you wish. The benefits of Platinum Pay are many. Platinum Pay gives you the ability to:

  • Process your payroll anywhere, 24/7
  • Maintain your employees’ payroll data
  • View your payroll register before processing payroll – this gives you a chance to catch any errors sooner, rather than later
  • Import the Paysheet or other compatible file types to avoid double data entry of payroll hours
  • Print current or historical reports on demand 24/7, with a library of dozens of reports to choose from
  • Plus more when combined with the self-service portals!

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Employee Self-Service Payroll

Your employees will be able to:

  • View their direct deposit voucher or pay stub online (for those on direct deposit, you will not have to distribute a paper voucher)
  • Answer most of their payroll-related questions themselves via online access to their current and historical pay information
  • View and print their W2 and view their demographic information
  • Enter in family and emergency contact information
  • View their filing status, direct deposit information, (if applicable), and time off accruals, (if applicable)
  • When combined with Platinum Pay, you give your employees online access to your employee handbook and other pertinent information, on a company or individual level

Report Self-Service

  • employeeselfserviceGives you online access to your payroll reports after your payroll is processed each pay period without the use of email
  • Allows you to give your accountant/CPA online access to your payroll reports directly making life easier for you and your accountant/CPA

Manager Self-Service

  • Manager Self-Service is an add-on to Employee Self-Service that gives managers access to pertinent information about the employees that report to them.

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