Non-Profit Organizations

Payroll Services for Nonprofit Organizations

BCM Payroll Services, Inc. provides customized business solutions for nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our locally owned business is large enough to give your organization the comprehensive payroll services it needs but small enough to offer the specialized attention you deserve. Let BCM Payroll Services, Inc. handle your payroll needs, and assure your time and resources stay focused on your mission instead.

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A Nonprofit Payroll Services Provider That Understands Your Organization’s Needs

The experienced professionals at BCM Payroll Services, Inc. understand that nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations like yours must adhere to unique requirements. Staying in compliance with strict tax and payroll regulations requires partnering with a services provider that ensures your organization will report earnings accurately and furnish necessary forms. The nonprofit payroll services in PA that we provide include:

  • Direct deposit, wage garnishment and other paycheck services. BCM Payroll Services, Inc. will manage your entire payroll process accurately and on time from start to finish, including direct deposit transactions.
  • Automatic payment of local, state and federal payroll tax. Hire our payroll service for your nonprofit organization, and, provided you give us the information we need, we’ll guarantee you make your local, state and federal payroll taxes accurately and on time. If there’s a problem, we’ll pay the penalty.
  • Payroll reconciliations. BCM Payroll Services, Inc. ensures your wages, taxes and payments will be made accurately, and we double-check it with a thorough reconciliation process. Let us take the stress of payroll review off your plate so you can focus on the tasks that matter.

Customized Payroll Solutions for Nonprofit and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Whether you want us to handle your complete payroll process or you’d like to keep some functions in-house, we can accommodate your wishes. When you partner with BCM Payroll Services, Inc., you can:

  • Take advantage of cloud-based payroll. Manage payroll tasks wherever you are and whenever you want as long as you have Internet access when you choose cloud-based payroll from BCM Payroll Services, Inc. You won’t have to install any software, and we can customize your solution to meet your precise needs.
  • Give your employees 24-hour access to the information they want. Our payroll system lets your employees print paystubs and W-2s when it’s convenient for them.
  • Better allocate limited staff resources. At BCM Payroll Services, Inc.,we understand that nonprofits and not-for-profits often have to do more with less. Let our experts handle your payroll tasks so your staff members can focus their efforts on achieving your mission — instead of managing the details of payroll.
  • Scale your payroll services to meet your organization’s needs, whenever you want. Add or remove services as your organization changes so you can stay nimble.
  • Cancel when you need to. With no contract to sign, you can cancel when you need to — and never pay a dime in fees.

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BCM Payroll Services, Inc. is ready to help you manage your payroll for nonprofit organizations in PA.

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