Corporate Payroll Services

Any size corporation operating in PA or MD needs to partner with the best possible corporate payroll service provider. For years, BCM Payroll Services, Inc.  has been the premier choice. We understand what you need for your business when it comes to payroll regulations and considerations. Let us work with you by handling your payroll concerns so you can get back to business.

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Complete Payroll Services for Your Corporation

When businesses put their trust in BCM Payroll Services, Inc., they get the benefit of a wide-ranging menu of corporate payroll service options such as:

Customized Payroll Distribution Solutions – Do you have a preferred way you would like to distribute your payroll, such as through hand-delivered checks or direct deposit? Each company has its own preferred means of payroll distribution, which is why we are flexible when it comes to each of our corporate clients. With BCM Payroll Services, Inc., you can even offer your employees the choice of how they want their checks, making them happier without incurring more work for your team.

Complete, Up-to-Date Payroll Tax Services – Have tax requirements become burdensome for your business? It can be difficult for companies to stay in the know about changes in tax laws and filing requirements. Rather than risk tax penalties, let BCM Payroll Services, Inc. take on all your payroll tax requirements, reconciliations and appropriate filings. We can help you stay in compliance and meet all tax expectations on time.

Customized Corporate Payroll Reports – Do you require specialized reports to assist you in evaluating the overall health of your company? If we do not have a report that meets your needs, we can create one on your behalf. This type of customization is standard for us and will allow you to keep the accurate records your company needs.

Secure, Cloud-Based Reports, Data, Payroll and More – Why wait to find out information on your payroll or to create reports? BCM Payroll Services, Inc.  can provide cloud-based payroll systems and solutions for you and your employees. A secure log-in gives you access to all the data you need, when you need it most. It’s the fastest, most efficient method for corporations like yours to stay in control anywhere.

Want to know more about our corporate payroll services for businesses in PA and MD? Call us at (717) 264-7374. We’ll set up a consultation to discuss your company’s payroll needs and devise a plan that’s ideal for your business goals for today and tomorrow.

Our Guarantee Is the Best in the Business

When we developed our Power Guarantees, we knew they had to offer you peace of mind. That’s why our five-point promise includes several key components, such as free processing if we ever miscalculate the net or gross pay for your employees, or don’t return a phone call or email within two business hours. We even pay any non-Affordable Health Care Act tax penalties if the fault lies with us. Companies appreciate that we’re willing to put our reputation on the line to serve them.

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