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Payroll for Hospitality and Hotels

For your payroll needs in the hospitality industry in Pennsylvania and Maryland, BCM Payroll Services, Inc. is here.

We are a locally owned business small enough to understand your specialized needs as a hotel or other hospitality business in the Pennsylvania or Maryland area, but large enough to provide a complete range of payroll service for hotels of virtually any size.

Our experts at managing payroll services for hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses take the pressure off of your management and administration team so you can focus on the more important things — like the business of hospitality.

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Payroll Services for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and hospitality businesses have special needs when it comes to payroll. A hotel can have a huge number of employees, from maids to bellhops to cooks and registration staff — and more.

Each of these types of employees may have different wage scales, benefits and tax needs, and each individual within them may have a very specific payroll situation that needs to be understood. With everything that’s happening in your hotel or other hospitality business, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the payroll peculiarities of every single employee.

Thanks to BCM Payroll Services, Inc., you don’t have to. We have the ability to handle complete payroll services for hotels. You can opt for some or all of our payroll services, including:

  • Paycheck services. Do your employees use direct deposit? Do you ever find yourself requiring wage garnishment of an employee? We can handle it all. You don’t even have to think about it, although you will be fully informed on what is happening.
  • Tax payment. Our payroll for hospitality industry service can include automatically paying all local, state and federal payroll tax. Imagine how many personnel hours you will save putting tax filing in our hands. Plus, we check and double check our work to make sure there will be no costly mistakes — as long as we have all the correct and necessary information. That’s our guarantee. If there’s an error, we’ll pay the penalty for it.
  • Tax returns. Filling out your payroll tax returns is another laborious process ripe with opportunities for error. Our professional payroll tax preparers will prepare and submit quarterly and annual payroll tax returns for your hospitality business, furnishing you with W-2s and 1099s. There’s no effort required on your part other than supplying us with the necessary information.
  • Payroll reconciliations. Our thorough reconciliation process makes sure all wages, payments and taxes are paid fully and accurately. We ensure there are no mistakes so you don’t have to.

Customized Payroll for Hospitality Industry and Hotels

We understand you may not want to turn all of your payroll headaches over to us right away. Start with as many or as few services as you like for as long as you like. There’s no contract and no obligation.

Keep in mind we offer a cloud-based system, meaning you can log on and examine your payroll from any Internet connection anywhere, anytime, and your employees can check in on their payroll information the same way.

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BCM Payroll Services, Inc. is here to be your payroll services solution for your hotel or other hospitality business. Give us a call today at 717-264-7374 to find out more.