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Payroll Services for Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

payroll for distribution centersPayroll services for distribution centers and manufacturers can be a huge undertaking. Those who handle payroll services for manufacturing companies in-house can easily get overwhelmed, especially with all of the other accounting a manufacturer or distribution center has to manage. It takes too much time and energy, and mistakes are too easy to make.

Fortunately, in Pennsylvania and Maryland, there’s a better solution. BCM Payroll Services, Inc., handles payroll services for manufacturers and payroll services for distribution centers from top to bottom. You don’t need to bring in anybody but us, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Taking the Stress Out of Payroll Services for Manufacturing Companies

Few businesses have as many potential payroll services headaches as manufacturers and distributors. You’ve got different people in different positions who are all paid differently and taking time off or working overtime at different times. You’ve got people trading shifts, immigration concerns, special tax issues and if you do jobs in different states, that’s a whole additional matter. That’s why you need BCM Payroll Services, Inc. We’ve already got the infrastructure and technology in place to deal with all these issues, so you don’t have to.

Whatever payroll issues are plaguing you, we can handle them. We’ll fill out and submit all your W-2s and 1099s, and we’ll pay the penalty if there’s a problem. We’ll do wage garnishments and direct deposit, too. There’s no payroll issue our experts haven’t seen. And just to be completely safe, we have a comprehensive reconciliation process that we double-check your payroll with just to be sure.

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Your Payroll Your Way

We understand your payroll services are complicated. If you want to start us off small with a few services, we’re okay with that. As you get more comfortable, give us more to take care of. When you’re ready to let us take on your whole payroll, we’re ready, too. If you’re more comfortable keeping some of it in-house, that’s no problem.

Payroll Services for Manufacturers Made Easy

Once you engage BCM Payroll Services, Inc., keeping track of your payroll is a snap. Just log into our cloud-based payroll system to check payroll anytime over your wireless device. You don’t need any software and you don’t need to wait for a representative to be available. Just check your data whenever you need to. Your employees will appreciate the convenience of being able to print out their W-2s or paystubs from the cloud as well.

You’ve got enough stress to deal with in your manufacturing or distribution business. In Pennsylvania or Maryland, BCM Payroll Services, Inc., can make this part of your business a little easier. With no contract to sign, you’re free to cancel, add services or remove services at any time, so there’s no pressure at all.

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