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payroll for professional businessesPayroll for Professional Services Firms

For payroll solutions for businesses in Pennsylvania and Maryland, BCM Payroll Services, Inc. is the only name you need to know. We provide complete payroll services for finance firms, law firms, accountants, insurance companies and more.

As a payroll services company local to the Pennsylvania area, we provide Pennsylvania and Maryland businesses with that personal touch — while still being large enough to handle the needs of just about any professional business payroll operation.

Payroll Services for Law Firms

At BCM Payroll Services, Inc., we recognize that law firms have some unique payroll challenges. There are multiple clients billed by employees with different wages. Additionally, as lawyers, the partners in your firm probably prefer to concern themselves with matters of law, rather than the minutiae involved with things like timekeeping for employees and managing direct deposit.

BCM Payroll Services Inc. handles all of those issues for you — and a lot more — so you can focus on serving your clients.

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Payroll Services for Accountants and Finance Firms

As accountants, you know your way around numbers, so you also know how easily money can be lost due to even small errors in managing payroll. BCM Payroll Services, Inc. helps you mitigate that risk in the best possible way, by putting issues like payroll tax filing and payment, managing wage garnishment and administrating direct deposit in the hands of our experienced team.

Our only job is to make sure these procedures are done correctly and double checked with a thorough reconciliation process to help minimize the risk of costly errors coming back to haunt you. In fact, you can hire us to pay your payroll taxes, too. Just give us the information we need, and if there’s a problem, we’ll pay the penalty.

Customized Payroll Solutions for Professional Services Firms

We want to provide payroll services for your insurance company, IT company, law firm, financial institution or other professional business that make it easier to run your operation. You can turn over the entire payroll process to us and not have to worry about a thing, or you can keep certain functions in-house for now while entrusting us with others. It’s all up to you.

To enhance your level of control, you’ll also enjoy our cloud-based payroll system, meaning you can log in whenever you want from wherever you are to manage payroll tasks. You can give your employees full access to their payroll information wherever and whenever they want it as well.

BCM Payroll Services Inc. allows you to allocate your time and resources where they belong — in your business, growing and enhancing it, not getting tied up in administrative tasks. There’s no contract, so you have nothing to lose. Try us for a few months to see how much easier your management gets and add or subtract services as needed whenever you want.

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If you’re ready to get started on the only payroll solution you’ll ever need in Pennsylvania or Maryland, we’re ready, too. For payroll management solutions for your professional business, contact us or call us now at 717-264-7374.