Complete Payroll Management Services

When your PA-based or MD-based business needs a complete payroll service company, we can help. BCM Payroll Services, Inc. has been the right choice for small and large Pennsylvania organizations. Our comprehensive list of offerings includes full customization options, allowing you to choose only the payroll services you need. Unlike other providers that say they provide a custom payroll service, BCM Payroll Services, Inc. never makes you pay for anything you can’t use. This gives you tremendous control and enables you to stay within your budget.

Comprehensive Payroll Services for Businesses Like Yours

Just a few of the complete payroll solutions available when you partner with BCM Payroll Services, Inc. include:

Payroll Tax Services – If you find the tax laws, filing requirements and reconciliation guidelines confusing, you’re not alone. Many businesses, even large businesses, struggle to stay within compliance when it comes to taxes. BCM Payroll Services, Inc. can ease your mind by ensuring that your tax deposit requirements are met on time, as well as filed correctly.

Payroll Distribution Options – Employees expect to be paid on time and in a manner that works for both of you. Whether your company prefers to distribute checks in the office, through the mail, or via direct deposit, we guarantee timely distribution. You can even choose different distribution methods for various departments, depending upon your preference.

Customized Reports – Does your company need a customized report, such as a very specific type of retirement benefits report, designed and distributed? We have the internal know-how to create a custom payroll service that includes any type of documentation that will be advantageous for your record-keeping.

Cloud-Based Secure Data – Having the data you need when it’s most important to you is essential. That’s why we’ve developed cloud-based payroll services. You can log in yourself and even provide those on your payroll with the ability to see or modify their information. Cloud-based payroll systems work exceptionally well for businesses of all sizes and in every industry.

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Guarantees You Can Depend On

BCM Payroll Services, Inc. is the area’s premier custom payroll service provider with a Five Power Guarantee. This pledge from us to you maintains that:

  • If we calculate the gross pay or net pay incorrectly for anyone on your team, your next payroll processing fee is discounted by the lesser of $50 or 50% of your payroll processing fee to compensate you for your inconvenience
  • If you call or email us to ask a question, you’ll get a return call or email within two business hours, or your next payroll processing fee is discounted by the lesser of $50 or 50% of your payroll processing fee to compensate you for your inconvenience.
  • If you incur a tax penalty that is our fault, with the exception of Affordable Health Care Act penalties, we will pay the tax penalty on your company’s behalf.
  • You can submit your payroll any way you need. If your Internet goes down and you have to call or fax it in, you’ll never be penalized as long as it’s on time.
  • If you need paper checks for your employees, you will receive them on time each payday.

Find out more about our Power Guarantees. Contact our team today to find out how we can help your PA or MD team with custom payroll services at (717) 264-7374 and let us help you get back to business!