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Form W-4

A Form W-4 is used to determine the withholding for employees and remain in effect until the employee gives you a new one. If employees claim exemption from income tax withholding, they must give you a new Form W-4 each year. If an employee gives you a Form W-4 that replaces an existing Form W-4, begin withholding no later than the start of the first payroll period ending on, or after the 30th day, from the date you received the replacement Form W-4.
Get a 2016 Form W-4 here

Form I-9

The Form I-9 is designed to determine who is authorized to work in the United States. Its purpose is not to determine who is and who is not a citizen. While all citizens are authorized to work here, it is not always easy to recognize who is and is not a citizen, because of the diverse heritage of our country. Employers must do a Form I-9 for every employee, not just those who appear to be non-citizens.
Get a 2016 Form I-9 here.

Certificate of Residency

This form is to be used by employers and/or taxpayers to report essential information for the collection and distribution of Local Earned Income Taxes (EIT) and must be used by employers when a new employee is hired or if a current employee has a name and/or address change.
Get a Certificate of Residency here.

LST Exemption Form

Mandatory Low-Income Exemption-political subdivisions that levy an LST at a rate that exceeds $10 must exempt from the tax taxpayers whose total earned income and net profits from all sources within the political subdivision is less than $12,000.
Get an LST Exemption form here.