amy-hirschi-1416709-unsplashYour payroll is the lifeblood of your business, and it’s imperative that you know how to manage payroll correctly if your business is to succeed. Even if you are a small business, payroll policy is critical for reducing mistakes and avoiding confusion both within your organization and when dealing with the IRS. Here are four systems you should be sure to have in place when it comes to payroll procedures.

1. New Employee Processing

If you ever plan to have new employees in your organization, you must have a plan in place to get them into the system quickly and make sure they start getting paid as soon as possible. Your system should allow you to differentiate between contractors and employees quickly. Plus, whoever processes the new employees should know exactly what paperwork needs to be filled out — tax withholdings, direct deposit, benefits, etc. — and how it should look when completed.

2. Hourly Employees

Unless all your employees are salaried, you need to have a system in place for hourly employees to accurately record their hours for every period they work. There are software programs that take the place of the classic “time clock” for this purpose, but you need to have a way to verify the hours are being logged correctly to avoid overpaying employees.

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3. Paycheck Preparation

Remember, the number on your employee’s payroll is not just the raw amount of their salary broken down into a bi-weekly or monthly total. Those are your employee’s gross wages. You must also calculate any benefit costs they are responsible for, social security and Medicare withholdings and tax withholdings. Again, any mistakes here could create government red tape you would like to avoid.

4. Paycheck Issuance

Most companies today are realizing direct deposit is a far more efficient way of paying employees than handing out a paycheck manually every couple of weeks. Employees prefer it because they know they will get paid faster and according to schedule, and employers don’t have to worry about making sure to connect employees with their paychecks.

Still, it’s important to make sure your direct deposit system is working as it is supposed to and that all employees are inputted into the system correctly. This can sometimes get tricky when some employees call in sick or go on vacation, or when you’re dealing with part-time or temporary employees.

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