Business Payroll Policy Tips

November 12, 2018  

Your payroll is the lifeblood of your business, and it’s imperative that you know how to manage payroll correctly if your business is to succeed. Even if you are a small business, payroll policy is critical for reducing mistakes and avoiding confusion both within your organization and when dealing with the IRS. Here are four […]

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Business Payroll Mistakes to Avoid

October 15, 2018  

Payroll is a huge part of your business. If your employees are the muscle of your business, payment is the blood — it’s what keeps your employees working. If there’s a problem with payroll, your employees will let you know about it fast. It is very much in your interest to keep business payroll mistakes […]

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Payroll for New Employees

September 19, 2018  

Finding qualified new candidates for a position is hard enough these days when employers have so many outlets through which to seek out jobs. But what’s even worse is when you find that perfect candidate, they accept the position and by the time their first day rolls around, they’ve changed their mind. Whether they received […]

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Questions to Ask When Considering an Outside Payroll Provider

June 21, 2018  

If you are considering third-party payroll processing or are considering changing payroll providers, do you know the questions to ask a payroll company to make sure you get the best return on your investment? As with any service provider, no two payroll services are the same — and even if you do your research well, […]

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How to Reduce Paper Waste in Your Office

June 4, 2018  

Most organizations produce a lot of paper. There are marketing materials, internal memos and reports as well as documentation. Paper waste is a lot more than an environmental issue, however. In addition to the trees lost, a lot of paper waste at your office can mean increased overhead costs and paper and printing costs. It […]

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Why Accurate Time Keeping Is Important to Your Business and Your Bottom Line

May 22, 2018  

In the business world, time is money — and a web-based timekeeping system can help you keep every dollar and every minute in your company accurate. If you are using a manual “clock” or punch-in system at your business, you could be losing a lot of money through human error or dishonesty. In addition, inaccurate […]

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The Benefits of Moving Your Business Processes to the Cloud

May 9, 2018  

In the past, companies could only process payroll and other business systems on paper. Today, some enterprises hang on to these older systems even with new options available. If you are still doing things the same way in your organization, perhaps it is time to ask why. Moving business processes such as payroll to the […]

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Business Trends to Watch for in 2018

April 26, 2018  

No matter what industry you operate in, keeping an eye on bigger business trends in 2018 and beyond allows you to adapt your business model for success. Knowing what may be coming down the pipeline and being prepared for the shifts can mean your organization is ready for the impact of sudden movements that could […]

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Great Features to Look for in Your Payroll Software or Service

April 19, 2018  

If you need payroll services, you should be comparing not just brands and prices but also the payroll features which will help you succeed in business. Some of the payroll system features you want to look out for include: Tax management features: Taxes are a big part of your obligations as a business, and paying the […]

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Bring Your Employee Handbook Up-to-Date With These New Policies

November 22, 2017  

If you haven’t taken the time to update your employee handbook in a while, it’s probably a good idea to revisit it. The world is changing quickly, and employers have considerations in the workplace that weren’t issues or didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Current Policies to Consider But even if it was less than […]

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